Line Boring / Bore Welding

Australian Custom Engineering uses a 4 - 14 ET portable line borer, which can be one of the most efficient machines on the market.We can bore a 38mm to 350mm. To go with our quality borer, we use an automatic bore welding machine, easy weld 6 - 12 bore welder.

We can bore weld 38mm to 305mm with specific jobs. We also have a facing head & a face welding head. So if a cylinder mount side face has been severely worn, we can face it back, weld it back up higher than the original & face it back to the original.

  • Boring Capacity 38 - 400mm
  • Welding Capacity 38 - 305mm
  • Facing Capability 254mm
  • Face Welding 38 - 300mm