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Maxilift cranes boast unbeatable weight to lifting capacity ratios. The range offers models of capacity from 0.5 TM to 5 TM, with a multiplicity of versions to cover all requirements of construction.

With the latest in safety technology it is easy to see why Maxilift cranes are so popular with thousands of happy customers nationwide: SA?s Department of Transport, Santos, Maritime Safety Queensland, Origin Energy and Fleet Partners, just to name a few.

Maxilift cranes in particular are the perfect addition to your small truck or utility vehicle and can be installed anywhere on the body. Larger models are also available to suit heavier lifting requirements.

Maxilift Standard Cranes >>

MAXILIFT : The widest range of single arm cranes on the world market for more than 20 years that are universally appreciated for strength and reliability

Lightweight and powerful, technologically advanced, safe and easy to use, MAXILIFT is the ideal solution for the installation of light-duty vehicles and ultra-light, and is used in many other sectors: forestry, marine, gardening and plant cultivation, building in general, agriculture, tourism, handicrafts, beekeeping, small and medium industry, vehicles, civil protection, civil and industrial maintenance.

The range offers models of capacity from 0.5 TM to 5 TM, with a multiplicity of versions to cover all requirements of construction.

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Maxilift Heavy Duty Series >>

The line ML 400/500 is the result of evolution of previous models, but designed for heavy duty off road work such as mining and pipe-laying. These Maxilift truck cranes are intended and designed for heavy duty use and installation of off-road vehicles, paywelder, excavators, ships and boats.

The structural characteristics of these truck cranes, particularly the high torque and double rack slew system, make them suitable to withstand strong vibrations and high slopes.

More information is available in our brochure otherwise please don’t hesitate to call your local dealer or sales representative.

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Maxilift Marine Cranes >>

Not only do we have two specialised Marine Cranes, the ML400 & ML500, but a range of our Standard Maxilift Cranes can also be marinised.

All the marinised cranes feature corrosion protection by primer and proofing treatment. Specialised hoses and fittings are used to ensure the crane can weather the elements. In addition to this we offer crane covers which will add extra protection.

A comprehensive list of marinised treatment specifications can be found in our brochure here.

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Maxilift Cobra Cranes >>

Cobra Cranes are innovative and unique service truck cranes. These cranes are efficient, high performers and are ideal for installation on vehicles to be used as mobile workshops, for pump & sump work, or any application where a running rope (winch) may be required.

Built to last, these service cranes are perfect for mining applications, oil fields, waste water treatment and many more. The models offer lifting capacities ranging from 1.6 TM to 9.1 TM. This crane’s dead weight is lower than any other on the market and can be fitted with either a radio or cable remote controls.

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maxilift cobra