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In 1965, Delbert “Bus” Brown designed and produced the first Tommy Gate in a small machine shop in Woodbine, Iowa, USA. The unique design and piece by piece manufacturing process was an instant success and since then Tommy Gate liftgates have become increasingly popular in Australia too.

Tommy Gate hydraulic tailgates are the perfect addition to your ute or truck. These liftgates are tow bar and spare wheel compatible and are also available as a galvanised frame to protect against the harsher Australian elements.

Tommy Gate liftgates come with platform options to suit your project needs. Click on our full range brochure and discover the options available to you. Otherwise feel free to contact us for more information about our Tommygate tailgates.

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Our tailgates are the perfect addition to your workforce. The Tommy Gate allows the operator to work in a safer condition and with much more efficiency. Normally need two or three people to lift an object into the back of the ute? Tommy can do it and you have the peace of mind knowing that you won?t have to worry about injury or strain.

The Tommy Gate G2 Series utilises a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower and raise the platform and is a popular accessory for the modern utility vehicle. A remote pendant control is a standard feature of these tailgates, allowing the user to control the raising and lowering of the liftgate from a short distance. Click the link to see more our G2 Series range or contact us or one of our dealers to find out more.

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